TEM Antibacterial


  • Contains the developement and spread of bacteria.
  • Uses the anti-bacterial properties of silve which has been a safe and effective disinfectant for three millennia.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Special antibacterial silver ions provide  long term and effective protection against the development and spread of bacteria, virus, microbes and fungi.
  • Antibacterial Program ensures hygine, cleanliness and a healthy environment.
  • Perfectly suitable for use in environments with strict hygine regemes such as:
    • hospitals
    • health centres
    • pharmaceutical facilities
    • aged care facilities
    • nursing homes
    • laboritories
    • restaurants
    • hotels
    • airports
    • bus & railway stations
    • businees & shopping centres
    • public institutions such as schools, univerities and TAFE's
    • Independant labority testing to JIS Z2801 (highest Japanese Standard)
  • low cost benefit.
  • design and functionality allows easy cleaning/replacement.
  • antibacterial buttons and cover plates are combined with classic modular mounting frames and switches.
  • products are lablled AW(antibacterial white) on back.

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