The feeling of nature

The    switch is distinguished by its natural materials:

Metal, Wood and Glass.

Its unique design gives it a special touch.

It is striking yet unobtrusive.

It radiates sensuality, sophistication, high standards and of course,

The  ,     & designs reflect a modern

sophisticated and independent lifestyle.

You can choose from a wide and rich selection of colours, patterns and

shapes to alter the appearance of your switches and

sockets so that they fit the desired atmosphere and mood.



The harmony of straight lines​

Prepare for the elegant perfection of straight shapes.

Try brilliant surfaces that gently play with

modern elements of your room.

We have incorporated “Soft Touch” technology especially for you,

turning every touch into a unique experience.



Softness in your home

Let the rounded shapes and soft transitions

bring softness into your home.

Delightful combinations




Make the Switch to TEM

The TEM Australia Modul range includes

Switches, Sockets (inc. Australian 3 Pin TAS) ,Communications Sockets, Sensors,

Energy Saving,  Card Switches, A
ccess Control & more. 

Contact us for further details.


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TEM Australia
TEM Australia
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