EDGE is the latest meticulously designed line in the MODUL family and represents the pinnacle of the TEM product line. 

The new prestigious EDGE line can be used with pins, as well as with the already existing classic MODUL switches and sockets. All four design lines – Line, Soft, Pure and EDGE – use the same universal platform of the MODUL supporting cover plates and functional elements. 

Thanks to the impressive processing, aluminium shines in a new light – with the EDGE metal cover plates. In three colour experiences worthy of attention: Silver, Gold and Anthracite. The light play manifests in the new EDGE glass cover plates. The contrasting black and white colours will satisfy even the most refined taste. 

With EDGE, you will be able to adapt to both modern minimalist design and a rich retro chic style, meeting the most demanding expectations. 

The “Pin” toggle switches in four different colours give the new MODUL EDGE line a special sense of daring and create a uniquely refined appearance. 

Available  soon.


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