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  • Contains the developement and spread of bacteria.
  • Uses the anti-bacterial properties of silver which has been a safe and effective disinfectant for three millennia.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Special antibacterial silver ions provide  long term and effective protection against the development and spread of bacteria, virus, microbes and fungi.
  • Antibacterial Program ensures hygine, cleanliness and a healthy environment.
  • Perfectly suitable for use in environments with strict hygine regemes such as:
    • hospitals
    • health centres
    • pharmaceutical facilities
    • aged care facilities
    • nursing homes
    • laboritories
    • restaurants
    • hotels
    • airports
    • bus & railway stations
    • businees & shopping centres
    • public institutions such as schools, univerities and TAFE's
    • Independant labority testing to JIS Z2801 (highest Japanese Standard)
  • Low cost benefit.
  • Design and functionality allows easy cleaning/replacement.
  • Antibacterial buttons and cover plates are combined with classic modular mounting frames and switches.
  • Products are labelled AW(antibacterial white) on back.

Added protection for areas which require
Wipes or Hand Sanitisers.


TEM Australia OLE Smart Touch Switches and Sockets.

TEM OLE Touch Switches and Sockets are Smart Home ready and come with a

Free Downloadable Smart Phone App which enables you to instantly control your OLE Smart Home

Switches and Sockets either by Voice Control (Google or Alexa) or control remotely using the popular

Smart Home Tuya App.

Easily Incorporated into a larger Home Automation System.

Contact our Distributors for more details.

Make the Switch to TEM

The TEM Australia Modul range includes

Switches, Sockets (inc. Australian 3 Pin) ,Communications Sockets, Sensors,

Energy Saving,  Card Switches, A
ccess Control & more. 


The Pure, Line and Soft design lines reflect a modern

sophisticated and independent lifestyle.

You can choose from a wide and rich selection of colours, patterns and

shapes to alter the appearance of your switches and

sockets so that they fit the desired atmosphere and mood.



The feeling of nature

The Pure switch line is distinguished by its natural materials:

Metal, Wood and Glass.

Its unique design gives it a special touch.

It is striking yet unobtrusive.

It radiates sensuality, sophistication,high standards and, of course, cleanliness.



The harmony of straight lines​

Prepare for the elegant perfection of straight shapes.

Try brilliant surfaces that gently play with

modern elements of your room.

We have incorporated “Soft Touch” technology especially for you,

turning every touch into a unique experience.



Softness in your home

Let the rounded shapes and soft transitions

bring softness into your home.

Delightful combinations





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